Saturday, August 28, 2010

-bet you didn't know-

shopping is the number one leisure activity for international visitors to the united stated.

the shortest scheduled airlines flight is between two scottish island,westray and papa westray.flight time : 2 minutes!

the first traffic light was inverted in 1868 by a british railroad was a lantern with red and green signals.

the-31-mile(50-km) -long underwater tunnel connecting France and England is known as the chunnel.

in 1987 american airlines saved $40,000 by eliminating  one olive from each salad served in first class.

around 70 percent of train trips in great britain either start or finish in London.

ehem.sedikit pengetahuan am untuk hari ini ye!ni infomation ak dapat dekat satu kedai buku dkat tropicana jugak lepak kedai tu.bnyak buku-buku yang menarik untk dibaca. :)  

jom tambah pengetahuan am! :)

terima kasih daun keladi.komen komen kalo sudi.

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